Full day trip

Superciao Tour also offers full-day excursions to surrounding cities within a 150km radius of your lodging location.
Choose and reserve these excursions under the heading, FULL DAY TRIP listed under each city. The 150 km distance restriction still affords plenty of time to reach the city, tour its sights, and be back at the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

The option of returning to your hotel after dinner is also available, but is contingent on the composition of the group and its interests.
The full day excursion is also contingent upon total group reguest, i.e. all group participants must register for the full day excursion.

A private coach is used for transportation, unless the terrain requires a more rugged vehicle, or tour specifies other means. Some tours are by boat, or train (please see options listed under Cinque Terre, for example), and others offer various transportation modes (see excursion to the Po Delta, which includes both bus and bicycles).