Your role as group leader is paramount to the promotion, organization, and outcome of group travel.
You know your groups’ needs, wants, expectations, and the trip’s relevence to your Italian class curriculum or to other classes. 

Your choice of itinerary will therefore determine the success of the trip for each participant.
The more information  known about expectations, the better the outcome, both in organization and during the trip itself.

SCT makes available to you a special support staff which is far superior to all other companies’ in its preparation and educational training and knowledge.  
The birth of our company is in fact, a direct result of our experience in education, and administration and training of educators  throughout the world. Venturing into educational trip planning only sustains our goal of educating and diffusion of Italian language and culture.

Your knowledge and training plays a major role in the trip process and your assistance will be invaluable in:
• Keeping  group morale positive, motivated and interested during wait times
• helping create an unforgettable experience
• working in tandem with Tour Leader to achieve a successful trip

Your presence is irreplaceable not only as collaborator, but also as friend.