Italian lessons

During the Italian educultural tours, Studio Arcobaleno Tour organizes Italian classes. These can either be classroom-based or language immersion programs for the entire group. 
The lessons center on communication and vocabulary development in an active and participatory setting.
Lessons objectives are developed in conjuction with the trip itinerary.
Small group lessons
►The teacher resides in the city where classes will take place.
►Classes are approximately one and a half hours in duration.
►Classes usually take place in the early morning prior to the day’s activities or during free periods throughout the day.
►Lesson topics are aimed at the language acquisition necessary for essential communication in Italian.
Worksheets will be provided.

Language and Culture Immersion Lessons

►The instructor accompanies the group as a linguistic and cultural mediator using the day’s activities as the basis for lessons.
►Both Italian and English are used to facilitate cultural and linguistic awareness.
►The instructor’s constant presence pro-vides direct contact for both languages in informal settings as well as serving as linguistic immersion.
►Instructors encourage participation in cultural events.