SCT utilizes regularly scheduled flights.
JFK and Newark airports are used interchangeably for New York departures.
To avoid potential increases, you may choose to pay for your airline tickets in full at any time.
Once issued, airline tickets are no longer subject to potential increases but are fully non-refundable. Superciao tour srl maintains the right to assess fuel surcharges up to 65 days prior to departure. Air transportation is in economy class on IATA-approved carriers. Fares are based on levels in effect at the time of acceptance of the proposal and  prices and schedules are subject to change without notice. Single plane service is not guaranteed; alternative aircraft may be substituted at any time, and aircraft may make additional stops. Such changes will not create a right to cancellation or refund. Participants moved onto a weekend will pay the surcharge.

A valid US passport is required for travel for US citizens. If you do not have a valid passport please contact your closest passport office. Passports must be valid at least 6 months after the return date. US citizens do not need to obtain visas for Italy. When and if visa is required it is passenger’s responsibility to obtain one. Cancellations due to lack of appropriate travel documents will incur usual penalties.

Participant's name must be registered EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON ONE’S PASSPORT!
Upon receipt of  the  airline ticket, the passenger is responsible to check the itinerary, spelling of his/her name, dates, times to insure its validity. If the airline allows, it will charge a $ 250 change fee each time the ticket is altered. Once a ticket is issued, it belongs to person in whose name it was issued.
The participant will be responsible for any fees applied by the airline if exact information has not been provided. Should the ticket have any errors, it is the passenger’s responsibility to contact Superciao tour immediately.

Each tour participant is advised to bring one suitcase and one small carry-on bag  (8"x14"x22"). The Airlines New Baggage Regulations are as follows:
* For passengers travelling in Economy-Class: 1 piece at 50lb (23kg) maximum dimensions of 45 in. (158 cm);  the sum of the 3 dimensions must not exceed 62 in. (158 cm) for each bag.
* Carry on Items: 1 piece maximum weight 18lb (8kg), maximum dimensions 22x15x8 in (55x40x20 cm).
Please check with your specific airline to verify the size and weight allowances.
Studio Arcobaleno is not responsible for any delay of, loss or damage to it or its contents and for any event during the time the participants are not on board.

SCT will notify Group Leader and participants on the Website or by E-mail the exact day of departure and flight plan 65 days before the departure. The Group Leader also will be responsible for informing participants. SCT will only send  tickets and travel documents to the group leader and will send  tickets to participants registering without a group leader or who are travelling from another city. Airline tickets will be sent only if full payment and the signed release from all participants has been received.