Can I charge batteries for electronic devices or for cellular phone at the hotel?
You certainly may, but be sure to take a converter for Italy, as voltage changes from 110 to 220.
Does the hotel offer internet access? Is it wireless or ethernet/USB? Is it free or requires payment?
All hotels offer wireless Internet access, and ethernet/wire is the exception. Many offer high speed internet hubs. The Day by Day will list specific service offered by individual hotels.
What electronic devices can I take with me?
You are free to take any device you are willing to carry, and to pay for, should it warrant extra baggage fees. Please bear in mind that all electronic devices are unnecessary and superfluous on the type of itinerary you will be following.  Our recommendation is to limit devices to a camera, since this will allow you to submit your pictures in the Photo Contest.
What is the electricity voltage in Italy?
Electric plugs are shaped differently – see figure, and use 220volts.  Remember to carry a converter for any electronic devices! Hair dryers must be “travel” dryers only, as they can be used with a converter and allow current change.
What downgrade transformer is needed to use electronic equipment from my country?
The converter / transformer must look like the one in the picture.
Do American cell phones operate in Italy for me to call home?
All triband cell phones can theoretically function in Italy.
Generally any of the next generation phones will switch to the band in use in the country visiting.  Some may require manual switching to band 1800.  
However, you may also need to advise your carrier that you will be traveling and your service contract may require upgrading. We suggest you contact your service carrier well in advance so that any changes can be updated in time for your trip.
Does Italian television transmit programs from the US?
Television reception generally uses satellite service, and do offer international channels, such as BBC.  
You will find information on the television service in the brochure supplied by individual hotels.