What should I do if I get lost?
You are reminded to stay with your group and not go off unattended.  
Your “free time” entails spending time in small groups. However, should you become separated, immediately use your sell phone to contact your Group Leader or Tour Leader.
You will need to give the exact street name and building number of your location and some reference point closest to you.
DO NOT move from your location so that you may be reached as quickly as possible. REMEMBER, if you need to ask directions or information, refer ONLY to a police officer  or public service official.
What are emergency phone numbers to call?
The following emergency contacts are to be used:
Police: 112
Public emergency, National police, Emergency Response: 113
Fire Department:  115
Emergency Medical: 118
Infancy Medical Response (only from land line phones) 114
Emergency at Sea, Coast guard: 1530
What should I do or not do if I am ill?
Call your Group Leader and Tour Leader, from your cell phone if traveling, and from your room phone if in hotel.
What do I do if I loose medication that is prescribed daily?
Contact your Group Leader and Tour Leader immediately. Have a copy of the prescription and/or drug name so to facilitate replacement.