Can I wash clothes in my room?
Washing clothes  is generally forbidden in all hotels, with the exception of small personal items, which must be placed over the bathtub.
Is there a laundry service at the hotel?
All hotels offer laundry service, but we remind you to check the time requirement. Since your stay at each location is limited, you may risk being forced to leave your garments if they are not ready before your departure.  
Use the laundry service only after verifying time required for the service.  Also remember that laundry fees will be charged to you directly.
Can I take food into the room?
Eating in hotel rooms is generally not permitted, and is allowed only through room service, which is authorized if pre-organized with the hotel.
You can take water and soft drinks, snacks and candy, or food that does not require preparation or can be a cleaning or health hazard. If eating snacks or cookies, please avoid leaving crumbs and pieces that can cause hygienic problems. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE STRICKLY FORBIDDEN! 
Can my family contact me at the hotel?
Yes, they certainly may.  Remind callers to use the necessary international codes:  011-39+additional area code and number.
Can I make calls from the hotel to home?
Calls can be placed only by requesting to call overseas with the hotel reception.  
The reception will make the necessary connection only if the Group leader will guarantee that you will pay for the call.  
Keep in mind that calls placed from the hotel, are very expensive, and it will be less costly for your family to call you. 
Does the hotel supply soap and shampoo?
All hotels provide this service, but we suggest you take any products of your preferance. Cosmetics must be packed in the checked in bags only.
Are there hairdryers in the hotels?
All hotels generally offer hair dryers in the room, and this information will be listed under the hotel name in the day by day. 
Do hotels offer air conditioning and can it be regulated?
All hotels offer air conditioning, but not all offer the possibility of regulating the temperature, and would require a call to the hotel reception.