1. Hotel
Remember to advise your Group leader of room share preferences. If you do not receive your first choice, use this as an opportunity to get to know other group members. 
There will be other guests at the hotels of stay, and they are all paying for a tranquil night’s sleep.  Please remember to be on your best behavior and not to disturb others. Maximum quiet is to be observed after 10PM.
Sleep as much as possible, to get over the jet lag,  and rest to recoup your energy for the next day’s activities
Do not cause any damages to hotel property or you will be held responsible for replacement.
Your tour fee DOES NOT include telephone calls from hotel, laundry fees, drinks or snacks from the room fridge. Use of any of these services will be billed to the room, and you will be required to make payment prior to leaving the hotel. 
You may NOT take any objects as souveniers from the hotel.
Alcohol use and smoking is strictly forbidden.
Do not leave money or valuables in your hotel room; place them in the hotel safe or ask your Group leader for direction.
2. Meals
Comply with meal times for breakfast and dinner.
Breakfast offers mixed selections, and is generally Italian with other “continental” foods.
Dinners, (and lunches, when offered), include menus which are typically Italian, but may also include foods which have now become part of Italian meals (see hamburger)
Part of the joy of traveling to another country is discovering its flavors and traditions. We suggest  you try even those foods that may not be familiar to you, so that you may get a full  cultural experience.
If you have special food needs, please remember to note them at the time of registration.
Mineral water is regularly served during meals, unless a special soft drink is being served for a particular menu.  Alternate or additional  drinks can be ordered, at your own expense.
You will likely find that what  you have come to know in the US as Italian food, is not the same as that which we use in Italy.  This can be due to food processing and exportation.