SCT reserves entrance times at Museums.
These times are rigorously enforced as well SCT reserves entrance times at Museums.
In some cases the Tour Leader or Guide may be required to retrieve  entrance tickets at the museum pick up window, while the group is asked to wait and conduct itself accordingly.

Some museums require a name list prepared by the school on its letterhead and signed by the school principal.
This procedure is not normally required for adult groups.  In rare exceptions that it may be required, the Group Leader will be advised at the inset of the group organization process.  
During museum visits, you are asked to keep together and avoid getting into other groups’ space. Keep your voices low and behave accordingly.

Some museums have established the use of earphones for explanations. This procedure was instituted to keep down the noise level, as there are usually several groups in attendance at the same time, as well as the general public.
The earphones will be distributed by the Tour Leader and must be returned at the end of the visit.