1. Passport copy and air ticket
Before leaving, make a copy of your passport and your airline ticket, or of the email by which you were sent your electronic ticket. These copies should be kept separate from the original passport and ticket, and will be helpful in obtaining replacement documents, should you lose your travel documents. If you discover you have lost your documents, alert the Group leader and Tour leader immediately.  

2. Packing your bags
Pack light!  Remember that you will be traveling around different cities and you do not want to be carrying heavy bags on and off the bus. Take only necessities. 
Check you baggage weight and stay within the limitations permitted by your traveling carrier. If you exceed weight limitations, the airline will assess an excess baggage fee, and it can be quite costly. Also remember to allow space for purchases you may make while traveling.
Checking  the weather forecast for the locations to be visited will make clothing choices easier.
Keep in mind that most museums, churches and public locations have strict dress codes; avoid sandals, flip flops, shorts or mini skirts, and carry a light jacket to cover exposed shoulders.
Remember to pack personal effects and toiletries; cosmetics and the like.
If you have allergies, remember to pack your medication listing usage and dosage.
You may only carry liquids in 3 ounces bottles in your carry on luggage, and may NOT carry any metal objects.  Verify all restrictions with the airline carrier  to avoid delays and problems at check in. 
Identify all your bags with luggage tags listing name, address, and hotel name.  This information will be needed in case of baggage loss or delay.

1. At the airport
Always stay close to your  Group leader and follow his/her directions in case of flight delays, gate changes, or cancellations. You will be permitted to leave the group for purchases and toilet use, only after obtaining the Group leader’s permission, and going with a companion. 
For security reasons, it is forbidden to  leave your bags unattended at the airport. Do NOT leave your bags unattended.
2. During your flight
Special meal requests will only be honored if made in advance with the issuing carrier. Remember to advise your Group leader in advance and to note the information in your registration form to allow for airline time restrictions.
Should you not receive your special meal, do not opt for another meal – you want  to avoid any issues of food allergies.  Instead, always remember to pack alternative foods to be ready for any mishaps.
Superciao Tour always requests seating  together for its groups.
If, for whatever reason, this should not be possible, please make the best of the selection given, and advise the Group leader if you are not comfortable with it, so that he/she may try to resolve the issue. 
Complimentary  ear phones and blankets are distributed for the duration of the flight.
Try to sleep during the flight  since your tour days will be quite full. You will be in another time zone and you will be jet lagged, so you don’t want to start the trip being tired.
Follow directions given by flight assistants regarding toilet access, seat belts, emergency exits, use of  various electronic devices.