Restaurants reserved for group dinners are generally located in the same area where activities are scheduled for that day.  
Menus are Italian and our staff takes care to offer a variety of foods and not repeat the same menu. Some dinners are scheduled at the hotel of stay, if the hotel offers a meal service, and same care is taken in planning these menus.
Mineral water is generally included with the meal, and for the Group Leader and his/her assistants, the menu includes a glass of Italian production wine.
The Day by Day will give full details of the meals to be served each day of the itinerary.  
Special meal requests must be made in advance, and constitute an exception to the group menu, unless the group has opted for the silver or gold level, which allows for deviations from the menu.
Dinner times are firm and must be adhered so to avoid problems for restaurant management and other groups that may be serviced by the management at the same time.