Chose from the itineraries offered on our web site.
Build your itinerary, give dates and request details and pricing from SCT.
Register your dates on the web site and  list your fellow chaperones.
Present the program to the school.  Sample letters are listed on the web site  under  “Terms and Conditions”.
Present the program to families or persons you will invite. See “Terms and Conditions” for additional letter samples.
Advertise your trip as much as possible and open participation to family members.
Plan a presentation meeting during which you can display the program  and the organization, using the materials in the SCT Kit which you will receive.
Collect pre-registration forms and register participant names in the web site.
At this point, your work is done. You need only increase the number of participants by taking along a fellow teacher and his/her students. 
Individal registration is performed by each participant  on the web site and you can monitor each registration.
Advise any requests or problems and keep in touch with the SCT member assigned to your group.