The Tour Leader does not hold the direct responsibility of participants that the Group Leader holds.
To clarify, any extra activities and permission for same, rules for expected behavior and any other area pertaining to instruction, education, and management of the group, are the direct responsibility of the teacher, or Group Leader.
The Tour Leader is NOT authorized to give permission for any activities outside of the tour itinerary, nor make decisions for individual participants and must lead the group under direct auspices of the Group Leader.
Our Tour Leaders always establish a positive rapport with all Group Leaders; a prerequisite for a smoothly flowing trip.
It is in fact, vital that lead figures function in accordance and coordination for both entities to perform their jobs well.
The most succesful trips are achieved when synchronicity and collaboration are directed to:
  • Efficient coordination
  • Placing  positive leaders who are a trustworthy reference point for participants
  • Arousing  the groups’ interests and encourage active participation
  • Encouraging  participants’ cooperation in adhering to Hotel nightime rules so to be fully rested and able to participate in day’s activities 
  • Keeping  the morale boosted during wait time or during difficult times
  • Resolving unforseen setbacks, obstacles and glitches during a trip - i.e.:
    - Rerouting an itinerary due to weather
    - an unscheduled museum closing
    - deviations caused by traffic delays