The Tour Leader escorts group to hotel and assists with check in and room accomodations.

Once baggage has been distributed to respective rooms, the tour leader gathers participants to a meeting area where he/she will:
  • reiterate  the itinerary
  • distribute information cards listing all contact numbers of hotels, tour leader, and other reference numbers
  • advise basic information as follows:

  • his/her cell phone number
  • instructions on using the bancomat/cash withdrawal machines
  • use of credit and debit cards
  • time schedules
  • instructions for free time
  • rules of behavior and safety

At the end of each day
, during dinner or upon returning to the hotel, the Tour Leader meets with the group to discuss the day’s activities and give the following pertinent information:
  • announce details for following day’s activities  
  • give dinner menu details 
  • supply information for free time and locations

The Tour Leader’s taks comprise both assisting and supporting the group with any touring needs as well as routine daily requirements.

Each day the Tour Leader will:

  • request wake-up calls at the hotel
  • reconfirm breakfast time
  • reconfirm private bus transportation and any meeting points
  • purchase tickets for public transportation 
  • confirm times for  individual city guides and subsequent meeting points
  • obtain museum entrance tickets whenever advance purchase is not optional 
  • give instructions for free time and indications for how Tour Leader  can be located 
  • give suggestions for lunch meal 
  • advise general information; banking and debit cards, pharmacy, purchase of phone cards 
  • reconfirm restaurant dinner time, menu and special meal requests  
  • remind group of hotel rules